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OVE Plasmatec GmbH’s business processes in the field of
surface refinement of elastomers

OVE Plasmatec GmbH's business processes in the field of surface refinement upon receiving new orders will be detailed briefly below. New orders within the meaning of the foregoing means orders placed by customers for new products (also in the case of existing business relations) or modified specifications of products already known to be supplied by us.

Prior to proceeding to the actual ordering process, we recommend first of all adjusting the surface coating of the goods in the adjustment procedure, in line with the customer specifications. Should the customer opt not to commission OVE Plasmatec with the adjustment procedure, orders will be executed without any prior adjustment. Once we have received the order, production proper can commence. The order in question will consist of precisely what has been agreed in the individual case, and all orders shall be governed by our » General Terms and Conditions of business.

Adjustment procedure

1. Customer's request
The adjustment procedure begins upon the customer's enquiry being received. All the details needed are to be provided by the customer at the time of enquiring. Depending upon the individual case, this may include any number of the following:

• Dimensions
• Materials
• Quantities
• Lot sizes
• What environment will the item be deployed in? (Medium/temperature/strain/counter-
  rotating surfaces/standards)
• Conditions of assembly (manual/automatic)

2. Manual sample
Based on the details made available by the customer, a manual sample will be manufactured, which serves to allow for an initial approximate alignment process under the umbrella of the adjustment procedure. That sample is only suited for application testing conducted by the customer, and is intended to enable the customer to find out whether their expectations can be met. A serial specification or a right to initial inspection cannot be derived from a manual sample.

3. Sampling process
Based on the customer's specifications, the information provided by the customer as to what their findings upon reviewing the manual sample are like and the further alignment, a further series of samples is manufactured, based on the terms of the actual order (in particular in regard to the quantity).

These samples are made available to the customer to enable the customer to engage in renewed testing.

4. The go-ahead
The adjustment procedure comes to an end once the customer gives the go-ahead. Should the customer not expressly give the go-ahead in writing, the product shall be deemed to have been released for production upon receipt of the first order from the customer.

By giving the go-ahead or placing the first order, the customer declares that during the sampling procedure they have tried and tested the products manufactured - and that they have tested the samples for fitness for the intended use, if applicable in co-operation with their customers, and seen the desired results. Fitness for the intended use needs to be tested by the customer, as OVE does not have any control over the design, processing, assembly and use of the appliance.

If we receive orders from the customer once they have given the go-ahead, we will process the goods handed over to us on the basis of the sampling procedure as documented and to the extent that documentation is available to us, in the same manner. Both the reference sample from the sampling procedure and retained samples from each order will be archived.

5. Documentation
The results obtained and the formula will be documented by OVE in a way that allows for recreation of the coating procedure.

That documentation shall remain the property of OVE The customer shall not be entitled to inspect the documentation, keep it or pass it on to any third parties, even if the customer would like to place the order with a different company.

Ordering processes following the adjustment procedure
Should the customer place an order for the adjusted product, OVE shall subject the product to coating procedures in line with the documentation. This way, in general virtually identical deliverables are obtained within the usual tolerances. A prerequisite for the foregoing is, however, that unmodified elastomers are provided to us. Should unmodified elastomers be provided, our performance shall be deemed in order if the results of processing match the reference sample.

The customer shall be obliged to notify us of any changes in its product, suppliers, materials, production conditions, etc. In case of doubt, any change in the foregoing will lead to the adjustment procedure having to be carried out again. Even the smallest changes in the quantity, materials, production process, dust particles, etc. may result in the specifications being changed and equivalent deliverables no longer being obtainable.

Ordering processes without adjustment procedure
We will not carry out an adjustment procedure if the customer does not instruct us to do so. The customer may, for example, commission us with applying a coating based on the product descriptions made available by OVE In such cases, the coating is applied by OVE on the basis of industry best practices determined by empirical findings. No responsibility can be accepted for the deliverables matching the customer's expectations.

The work and services in general cover the following processes:

• Receipt of the goods
• Cleaning the goods, consisting of washing and drying them
• Plasma cleaning and activation
• Surface treatment
• Subjecting the surface to coating procedures
• Packaging

The specific scope of services can be seen from the respective order.

Important information
Where nothing to the contrary has been agreed in writing, the number of items is not checked when reviewing the goods received, but only a plausibility check is executed, based on the number of packages.

In the case of low-temperature compounds, TPEs, thermoplastic polyurethanes, conductive mixtures and the like an adjusted process needs to be carried out, or else the goods may be damaged, or even destroyed. Please advise us about any materials concerned.