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Focussing on our customers’ requirements

Thanks to our pioneering work in the field of coating of elastomers and the expertise we have acquired along the way, we are able to offer our customers individually adapted products and services. Each part, just like each customer, has its own unique requirements. Rather than merely analysing the surface superficially, we go further and examine what lies behind the problem. As a result, the optimum solution is often achieved in an unconventional way.

Above all technology intensive fields, such as we encounter in Formula 1, profit from the opportunities we offer of being able to work in small series. This is why we are particularly proud to be able to count Formula 1 teams as our customers and to be able to meet their high individual requirements. The satisfaction of our customers from the automotive, mechanical engineering, pneumatics, aerospace, medical and sanitation industries is our indicator that the path we have chosen to take is the right one.