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When refining and processing our materials, we pay particular attention to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. With the help of a vaporiser, the waste water resulting from wet cleaning undergoes treatment, so that it can be re-used. This allows us to cut down on water and energy consumption, and, in addition, we can guarantee that the chemical impurities, such as zinc and lead oxide, which leak out from the seals, are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

For the functional coatings on elastomers that we are known for, we always, without exception, use water-based varnishes. While these may only be processed following extensive pre-treatment processes and require major expertise, they are still marked by hassle-free handling. Our environment, our employees and ultimately our customers benefit, in turn, from that.

Manufacturing processes which harm the environment and our employees are unthinkable for us. This way, we make a contribution towards cutting down on consumption of resources, also by relying on recycling materials. You can rest assured that economic and ecological considerations can actually be given equal attention in manufacturing processes, and ultimately show equally in the finished product: just take a look!