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Recipe for success

More than 25 years of skilled and experienced workmanship have not resulted in us growing stale. The development of innovative processes is the mark of our pioneering spirit: as one of the first companies, we understood the importance of transferring the existing plasma technology to the field of elastomers, thus achieving a significant added value for our clients.

Our technical know-how in the field of cleaning and activation was an excellent basis for creating an additional product line: the coating of elastomers with lubricating varnishes. Since 1990 we have continued to further the development of coating processes with our partners. We can proudly claim to be the first company to have manufactured serial parts with water-based lubricating varnishes in 2001. Our consistent use of solvent-free lubricating varnishes and technological advances have secured us a lasting strong market position. Our recipe for success is built on finding individual solutions that meet the special requirements of our clients.